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New Classrooms Focuses on Scale with New President

May 2, 2023 Joel Rose | New Classrooms

At New Classrooms, we push the boundaries on what’s possible in education in order to achieve a more equitable and impactful K-12 system for all students. When schools can truly meet a student’s unique strengths and needs, the benefits of a great education open up to them. Turning this possibility into reality — at scale — is the reason we exist.

Our flagship program, Teach to One, has already made a significant impact in schools across the country, but we know there is still so much more work to be done. That’s why we are thrilled to announce we have hired George Cigale, our new Teach to One President. 

George brings a wealth of experience in education, technology, and scale within the K-12 sector. As the Founder and CEO of Tutor.com, George led the development and growth of one of the nation’s first online tutoring companies, which was ultimately acquired by IAC. Since that time, George has served as an advisor, mentor, and investor to several educational technology companies. George also serves as a Trustee on the Board of Teachers College, Columbia University, and as an Advisor to Johns Hopkins Medicine, after previously serving as Chair of the Johns Hopkins Graduate School of Education’s National Advisory Council.

Since childhood, George has been passionate about education and technology. Arriving in New York at the age of six after emigrating from his native Russia, he quickly learned to speak English, and often had to help translate for his family. By age eleven, he saved $300 to buy his first computer, a Commodore VIC-20. A product of 16 years of New York City and State public schools, George attended the Bronx High School of Science, which continued to foster his interests in learning and technology, and then SUNY Binghamton.

George will now focus his energy on significantly increasing the reach and impact of our innovative solutions. As CEO, I will continue to lead the important work of shifting the education landscape towards innovation, engaging with state leaders, policymakers, the philanthropic community, and many others. Together with George and the rest of our team, we remain committed to achieving our mission of modernizing the education system for the benefit of all students. 

New Classrooms co-founder and former Chief Program Officer Chris Rush and I have known George for several years and have admired his leadership. We actually worked with him in the earliest days of School of One when Tutor.com was a content provider. We are both excited for this full circle moment and the impact it will make on the lives of students nationwide.

We are grateful for the support of partners who share in this vision for redefining possible and look forward to George’s leadership in bringing it to life.


Joel Rose
CEO, New Classrooms