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Your gift will support meeting our country’s most urgent educational needs, particularly as schools seek to address learning loss resulting from Covid-19.

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Research & development

The design of personalized learning models requires a team of talented academics, technologists, and experts in school operations, all iterating to improve student outcomes and enable scalability. Partners of our R&D work see their investment as a critical way to impact thousands of students today and far more in the future.

School partnerships

New Classrooms works with school administrators and teachers to accelerate student learning. Many of our philanthropic partners support Teach to One in schools and districts they are personally connected to. These investments help offset costs for the school, particularly in the early years when enhanced onboarding support services are required.

Advocacy & growth

Our work is focused not only on the schools we serve, but also on the broader movement around personalized learning. We continually share our learnings with federal, state, and local education leaders in an effort to promote the benefits of this new approach to learning.

Students working with teacher
Student working with teacher

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Research & development

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School partnerships

The Teach to One approach stands in stark contrast to many education technology implementations that ignore a student’s individual needs and the operations of the classroom. Too often the technology leads.

Michael B. Horn
Speaker & Author

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Upwards growth chart graphic

Advocacy & growth

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New Classrooms is recognized as a tax-exempt nonprofit organization under 501(c)(3). Our EIN is 45-2736163.

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New Classrooms’ solutions enable and support acceleration in math learning. In an independent study, students enrolled in Teach to One 360 for three consecutive years saw 23% greater learning gains than students nationally on the NWEA MAP test. That’s the equivalent of 4.5 years of learning in 3 years. Read the full study.

In our annual reports (linked below), you can learn more about how we have evolved year over year and the impact our work has had on the trajectories of students across the country.

As learning largely shifted to the home environment with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we leveraged key aspects of Teach to One so students could continue to access math curriculum, lessons, and assessments tailored to their unique strengths and needs. Our 2020 Annual Report highlights some of the many ways New Classrooms served its school partners in response to the pandemic.

For the decade proceeding the pandemic, New Classrooms focused on developing, providing, and supporting innovative learning models that allow teachers to personalize instruction to each student. At the heart of this work was, and is, the need to address the fatal flaw on which our country’s factory-model classrooms are built: our schools are not equipped to meet the unique strengths and needs of each student. When a student falls behind on a skill or concept, there is not a clear path to catch that student up.

In the wake of the pandemic, this failing of our education system gained recognition among parents and educators. Learning gaps widened, especially in underserved communities. We believe our work and our organization’s voice are essential to shaping and forming a new future, and to sparking important conversations about the systemic changes needed in innovation and educational equity.

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