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Donors to New Classrooms are investing in the future of personalized learning and improving educational outcomes for students everywhere. Your gift will support meeting our country’s most urgent educational needs, particularly as schools seek to address learning loss resulting from Covid-19.

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Research & development

The design of personalized learning models requires a team of talented academics, technologists, and experts in school operations, all iterating to improve student outcomes and enable scalability. Partners of our R&D work see their investment as a critical way to impact thousands of students today and far more in the future.

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Two circles overlapping graphic

School partnerships

New Classrooms works with school administrators and teachers to accelerate student learning. Many of our philanthropic partners support Teach to One in schools and districts they are personally connected to. These investments help offset costs for the school, particularly in the early years when enhanced onboarding support services are required.

Upwards growth chart graphic
Upwards growth chart graphic

Advocacy & growth

Our work is focused not only on the schools we serve, but also on the broader movement around personalized learning. We continually share our learnings with federal, state, and local education leaders in an effort to promote the benefits of this new approach to learning.

Students working with teacher
Student working with teacher

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