Who we are

We bring together diverse talents and backgrounds to personalize learning for students everywhere.

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Meet the team

New Classrooms is committed to an organizational culture that values imaginative thinking, superior execution, ongoing professional development, and open and purposeful collaboration. 

Our team includes:

  • Math experts who ensure that students experience a curriculum designed just for them
  • Thoughtful relationship builders who help forge partnerships with school leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and policy leadership
  • Brilliant tinkerers who build software that helps transform the experience of school and improve outcomes for students
  • Operational specialists who help partners accomplish seemingly impossible feats in schools every day
  • Entrepreneurial managers who lead teams to achieve ambitious goals
  • Organizational enthusiasts who keep us healthy financially and culturally
  • And more!

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

New Classrooms acknowledges the history of systemic injustices in our society and the impact they have made, including to our system of education. We believe in creating a more just and equitable world for all individuals, especially within our organization and in the schools with whom we partner.  

Internally, we are committed to building and supporting a workforce where all employees are respected, honored, celebrated, and have the opportunity to succeed. Externally, as an education service provider, we aim to accomplish this through our mission, which is to create and inspire ways to give every student an educational foundation for lifelong success. We do this through tailored offerings that support each and every student, especially those who face systemic barriers to success.

We welcome and embrace people of all backgrounds—regardless of race, ethnicity, ability/disability, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, religions/spirituality, veteran status, national origin, socioeconomic status or any other identity. We strive to create an environment where our identities and personal experiences are not indicators of success or acceptance, but rather are embodied in what we do and add meaningful value to our work and interactions.  

To demonstrate our commitment, we prioritize developing and supporting an organizational culture where diversity, equity and inclusion is at the forefront of our work, reflected in our actions, and felt by the employees and communities that we serve. We are driven by the belief that when we ensure that diverse people and perspectives are included in discussions and decisions it generates better results. 

We believe that an equitable education system helps each and every student develop the knowledge and skills they need to become productive members of society. More importantly, giving all children an equitable education leads to better economic and social outcomes for them and for society. New Classrooms is committed to integrating DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) into all engagements with our partners.  

We seek to strengthen our collective understanding and ability to help overcome key barriers—interpersonal, institutional, and structural—that have historically inhibited the achievement of more equitable academic outcomes for students. We want to ensure that the interactions we have with our school partners throughout our work together continually reinforce these values and core beliefs.