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As New York Brings ‘Everyone Back’ to Schools in Fall, Observers Wonder Where That Leaves Once-Heralded Remote Learning Program

June 2, 2021 The 74

Our CEO and Co-Founder Joel Rose was quoted in a recent article in The 74 on the transition from remote learning to in-person classes. Read some of his thoughts below, and see the full article here.

“’Around the country I’m hearing about more states, and more districts, that are really integrating innovation into their core strategy,’ said Joel Rose, who founded and led School of One (now Teach to One) in its heyday. ‘They’re saying, ‘Look, remote learning didn’t work for everyone, but it did work for some kids.’ And the question is, ‘What can we learn from those experiences for when kids come back?’

He noted that so-called Math Innovation Zones, modeled after iZone principles, have taken root in Texas and are ‘growing quite a bit in popularity.’

Rose, who now runs New Classrooms, a nonprofit that is working to expand the Teach to One model nationwide, said the organization has seen ‘a significant uptick in demand for what we do’ since the pandemic began.”