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Why The Nation’s K-12 Accountability And Assessment System Doesn’t Make The Grade

March 5, 2019 Forbes

By: Michael B. Horn

Two new studies lay bare how the assessment and accountability systems in use throughout the United States shortchange teachers and schools by not presenting accurately what their students know, can do and have learned in the last year.

The recently released studies concern the efficacy of Teach to One: Math, an innovative blended-learning model that Heather Staker and I discussed in our book Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools. The studies highlight not only the profound impact blended-learning models can have on student outcomes, but also raise deeper questions about whether our country’s current assessment and accountability system may be undermining the ability for schools to deliver on those outcomes.

As background, Teach to One: Math is a model that personalizes learning. Developed by the non-profit New Classrooms Innovation Partners, it emerged from an initiative within the New York City Department of Education called School of One, which Time named as one the year’s Best Inventions in 2009. Thirty-nine schools across 11 states now use Teach to One: Math.

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