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Teach to One’s impact mentioned in Michael B. Horn’s Education Next article

November 1, 2022 Michael B. Horn | Education Next

Teach to One, created by New Classrooms, earned a mention from Michael B. Horn in his Education Next article on devices and their impact on student learning. While some studies show that having a laptop in a classroom without an explicit purpose can inhibit learning, Horn gives Teach to One as an example of a personalized, blended-learning model that utilizes laptops to accelerate learning.

“On the other hand, a blended-learning model like New Classrooms’ Teach to One relies on laptops to personalize math instruction for middle school students. Research has found students make outsized gains on math tests after successive years of participating in Teach to One classrooms.”

As our solution development work continues, we seek to support teachers and students with technology that strengthens the learning experience and gives every student a unique path to success. Technology in the classroom, when introduced in ways that meet students where they are and engage them in their learning process, is critical to that success.

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