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Joel Rose is a voice adding sincerity to debates about education

June 13, 2022 Eduwonk

Bellwether Education Partners gives Joel Rose, CEO and Co-Founder of New Classrooms, as an example of a voice adding sincerity to debates about research and development in education. In the Eduwonk article “Is A Revolt Against Education Elitism Brewing? And What Maverick Can Teach Schools,” the author talks about the distraction education elites can impose to a focus on improving conditions for kids with substantial learning gaps. While some get caught up in goals with symbolic value, it’s important to honestly discuss material changes, including better research and development function in the sector.

The article says, “Existing technology and practice is not sufficient to deliver the goals we have for our education system in a broad or equitable manner.  We do need to “re” something.”

Later in the article, the author writes that an example of sincere belief in the debate is Joel Rose, who is “deeply committed to the idea that how we teach math and do/did accountability is flawed and at odds with the best interests of students.”

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