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Fostering an Ecosystem for Innovation in Education: An Interview with Chris Rush

June 2, 2022 District Management Journal

District Management Journal included an interview with New Classrooms’ Co-Founder Chris Rush in their Spring 2022 edition, “From Chaos to Transformation.” DMGroup’s CEO John Kim asked Chris about his vast experience in educational technology and innovation and together John and Chris discussed creating an ecosystem that supports innovation, includes experimentation, and serves students and communities in a stronger way.

Chris also touched on his decision to accept his appointment to the U.S. Department of Education and the sabbatical from New Classrooms that followed.

“I agreed to take this leave of absence and come to the DOE during this crazy time in the pandemic because I knew so many were grappling with what to do from a technological standpoint. People figured out they should get on Zoom, but virtual learning looked so different in so many places. The challenge is figuring out how to encourage innovation, how to help drive dollars to support it, how to set up some policies and relax other policies in order to give people a better chance to success.”

Read the full interview to hear more about how Chris and the DOE are tackling these challenges and including communities in talks about innovation and experimentation.