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Next Generation Learning Challenges publishes “The Anatomy of a Math Skill”

April 6, 2022 New Classrooms | Next Generation Learning Challenges

For more than a decade, our team of academic experts, curriculum developers, and technologists have been obsessed with understanding, at precise levels, the connections between mathematical skills and what it takes for students to authentically learn them. We’ve developed a math concept map that allows teachers and students to examine the interrelated nature of mathematics and how a student’s year-long learning plan can be shaped. This work has been highlighted by Neil Heffernan, of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, who says,

“The map itself is a formidable asset on the broadest spectrum, between kindergarten and 12th grade, and I encourage educators, policymakers, and researchers to use it to guide their practice and decision-making.

On April 6, 2022, Next Generation Learning Challenges published our detailed look at the anatomy of a math skill and procedural, conceptual, and applied dimensions of understanding. This is foundational to knowing where students are in order to get them to where they need to be. Identifying the skills students know (pre-, on-, and post-grade) and the depth in which they understand these skills (procedural, conceptual, and applied knowledge) is critical to giving students a pathway to catch up or get ahead.