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Transcend’s Jenee Henry Wood & New Classrooms’ Joel Rose: “It’s the model, stupid”

January 21, 2022 The 74

The 74 published “Analysis: No Child Left Behind Was Signed 20 Years Ago This Month. Why It’s Making Education’s COVID Recovery So Much Harder,” an article written by Transcend’s Head of Learning, Jenee Henry Wood, and New Classrooms’ CEO and Co-Founder, Joel Rose. The piece reflects on the 20 year anniversary of No Child Left Behind and asks why it failed to deliver on its promise, among other questions, like “why has the industrial paradigm remained steadfast” and “how long will we continue down this path without laying the foundation for new ways of schooling?”

To learn more about the truth that those who wish to improve our nation’s system of schooling can no longer ignore (it’s the model, stupid) read the article here.