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2021 Lookback: Our most adopted ideas

January 4, 2022 New Classrooms

#1: Tailored acceleration

We had the pleasure of watching this big idea have a big moment in 2021. We introduced tailored acceleration in our July 2020 report, Solving the Iceberg Problem, and the idea has since gained traction with the U.S. Department of Education, the National Center for Learning Disabilities, Next Generation Learning Challenges, and others. Using tailored acceleration, students efficiently build on their mathematical knowledge through high expectations combined with a personalized plan to reach them. Here’s how tailored acceleration was featured in 2021:

“Solving the Iceberg Problem” & Tailored Acceleration quoted by the U.S. Department of Education

The U.S. Department of Education quoted Solving the Iceberg Problem on tailored acceleration in their report, Strategies for Using American Rescue Plan Funding to Address the Impact of Lost Instructional Time. The Department’s report reinforces tailored acceleration as a viable method of operationalizing the principles of personalization.

Tailored Acceleration & Teach to One 360 named Promising Practices by the National Center for Learning Disabilities

The National Center for Learning Disabilities noted tailored acceleration, alongside our innovative learning model Teach to One 360, in their report, Promising Practices to Acceleration Learning for Students with Disabilities During COVID-19 and Beyond.

Tailored Acceleration series published by Next Generation Learning Challenges

Next Generation Learning Challenges published our three-part blog series on tailored acceleration, naming the strategy a tool for next generation learning.


#2: Addressing learning loss

Addressing learning loss is another central idea in Solving the Iceberg Problem (and even in our 2019 report, The Iceberg Problem). In 2021, we saw the term permeate the education space — below are some examples in major education publications.

Solving the Iceberg Problem

Analysis on Teach to One impact study listed in The 74’s most shared articles of 2021

The 74 named “How an Unintentional Experiment Informed Our Strategy for Addressing Learning Loss” one of the most shared (and debated) articles of 2021.

New Classrooms’ strategies and tech published in Education Next’s top articles of 2021

Education Next listed “Addressing Significant Learning Loss in Mathematics During COVID-19 and Beyond” a top article of 2021.

Strategies for funding learning loss-centric education reform published by K-12 Dive

K-12 Dive published an article on the link between meaningfully addressing learning loss and using federal funds to reform education.


#3: R&D in Education

Early in 2021, New Classrooms Co-Founder and Chief Program Officer Chris Rush was appointed to the U.S. Department of Education as Director of Educational Technology. This appointment showed an encouraging and critical focus on reimagining the role of technology and innovation in teaching and learning as we move towards a post-pandemic world.

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#4: Improving student learning

A principal’s legacy

Mr. Córdova, retired principal of Taos Middle School, shared reflections on 24 years of education with Taos News and said he considers implementing Teach to One to be one of his proudest accomplishments in 24 years of education. Learn more about how TMS uses Teach to One to improve student learning.

A teacher’s observations

ASU Prep Teacher, Felicia Oliver, spoke to us about the transition from in-person to virtual instruction and her expectations that new teaching practices like Teach to One will be the future. Read her observations.

A revolution in Chicago Public School’s math classes

CBS Chicago spoke with math classes in a Chicago Public School about their experiences with Teach to One. Math Director Teryn Kim says Teach to One is a gift. Watch the story.

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#5: Channeling Educator Experiences

Our New Classrooms and Teach to One team possesses a collective 300+ years of teaching experience, which we draw on heavily in the development and support of our innovative solutions. Our CEO and Co-Founder Joel Rose is himself a former educator. Read more of our educator’s experiences:

  • James: A video interview on experiences with Teach for America and the Houston school system
  • Rachael: Teaching Special Education, Environmental Sciences, and English Language Arts
  • Matt: Working with Teach to One as a leader, teacher, and now New Classrooms Partnerships team member
  • Rosa: Looking at data and creating centers to close the gaps