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U.S. Department of Education quotes New Classrooms on tailored acceleration

August 31, 2021 U.S. Department of Education

In July of 2020, we released a new report on tailored acceleration called Solving the Iceberg Problem. The idea has since gained traction in education circles, and was recently referenced in the U.S. Department of Education’s report, Strategies for Using American Rescue Plan Funding to Address the Impact of Lost Instructional Time. The Department’s report reinforces the idea that one way to operationalize the principles of personalization, which is vital to reversing learning loss, is through tailored acceleration. 

Quoting from Solving the Iceberg Problem, the Department says, “tailored acceleration combines ‘high-quality, teacher-led instruction with other instructional approaches so that all students do not need to learn the same thing at the same time…[such that] students can then access the most essential building-block skills from prior grades with the key on-grade skills to create individualized learning pathways that get them back to grade-level and beyond as fast as possible.’”

The idea of tailored acceleration was also noted in the National Center for Learning Disability’s report, Promising Practices to Accelerate Learning for Students with Disabilities During COVID-19 and Beyond, alongside our innovative learning model, Teach to One 360.

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