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Joel Rose of Teach to One Tells Us How They are Driving Education Innovation in a COVID World

November 19, 2020 Startup.info

How does Teach to One innovate? 

Joel Rose: We reimagine the entire teaching and learning process for teachers and students and support them in new ways. Let me explain–imagine you’re a seventh-grader. You have social studies first period in room 204, PE second period in the gym, and the 3rd period you have math. And instead of walking into room 105, you walk into a large, open space called the Math Center. In that space, there are several different learning stations. In one station, kids work with the teachers. In the second one, kids work with one another on different projects. While in some stations, kids work independently, either with software or with paper/pencil. When you walk in for math, you look up and see these big TV monitors that look like what you see at the airport that tell you where to go and how you’ll be learning today. 

You might spend the first 35 minutes working on factoring trinomials with Mr. Smith along with 12 other students who are ready to learn that skill. Then you’ll spend the next 35 minutes working on factoring trinomials in a peer to peer activity. Then you’ll spend the last 10 minutes taking an online exit slip. And then you are off to social studies. 

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