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Societal Shift: How Technology Is Changing The Role Of The Teacher

July 17, 2019 CEOWorld Magazine

By: Dr. Janine Walker Caffrey

Technology has infused classrooms with useful digital learning tools and has ushered in a new model of connected teaching. Teachers are now linked to professional content, resources and systems that are designed to improve instruction and increase personalized learning.

Indeed, the teacher’s role in the classroom has shifted in the last few years, thanks in part to rapid advancements in technology. While many of the new tools were developed to make a teacher’s job easier, they can also be overwhelming. After all, teachers today are expected to manage a great deal of technology. They are generally required to manage at least three different platforms to input their own personnel data, student attendance, grades, and lesson plans. They are required to help their students access multitudes of apps and websites for various learning and support. They are expected to view and use data they gather (or others gather) to inform instruction. They are expected to create individualized lesson plans for each child’s learning needs.

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